UK considers new policy to reduce post-study visa stay

Foreign students in the United Kingdom (UK) may face deportation if they stay in the country for more than six months after finishing their studies.

International students in the UK can currently stay for two years after finishing their studies.

According to the Times of London, Britain’s Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has devised a plan to reform the graduate visa route.

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Foreign students would have to obtain a work visa or leave the UK within six months of finishing their studies under her proposal.

However, documents seen by The Times on Wednesday reportedly showed that the country’s department for education was strongly opposing Braverman’s proposal.

The education officials fear the proposal could make the UK less attractive to foreign students, who pay more than UK citizens for their courses and are a major source of income for universities.

According to The Times, the files argued that the two-year visa is in line with most of the UK’s competitors, apart from the US which offers a year-long visa.

But a Home Office source reportedly told the paper it was being used as “a backdoor immigration route” by people taking short courses at “less respectable universities”.

The proposal is the latest in Braverman’s plans to cut down migration in the UK.



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