2023 Census: NPC trains 786,741 workers

The National Population Commission (NPC) has begun training 786,741 census workers for the 2023 census.

The Director of Public Affairs, Isiaka Yahaya, provided a breakdown of the functionaries in a statement.

There are 623,797 field coordinators, 125,944 supervisors, 24,001 data quality assistants, and 623,797 enumerators.

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There are also 1,000 data quality managers, 1,639 center administrators, and 59,000 facilitators at the LGA level.

The training is planned for all states as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The tutoring of Census Specialised Workforce and facilitators commenced on Monday.

It covers self-learning study and online training with monitored simulated hands-on and in-person classroom and hands-on training.

The workers will be instructed on census forms and applications, data capturing processes, interpersonal communication, and troubleshooting of Computer Assisted Personal Interviews.

The NPC also recruited and trained Data Quality Managers and Data Quality Assistants for “deployment of maps, data validation, and monitoring of the census dashboard”.


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