Top entertainer tried to make me his gay partner — Actor Kunle Remi

Nollywood actor Kunle Remi has spoken about his encounter with a “top” entertainer who tried to make him his gay partner.

In an interview with OAP Nedu’s Honest Bunch podcast, the actor stated that the unknown entertainer promised to make him famous and wealthy.

The film star said the entertainer had bragged about his “connections,” adding that he (Remi) was not selected for the reality show (Gulder Ultimate search) because “he had not paid his dues”.

Remi said: “Before I got into the industry, the first time I went to the Ultimate Search. I got denied. The second time, my friend at the University of Ibadan (then I was in UI) said there is this one of his friends, he’s an entertainer he’ll guide you.

“And then I travelled a distance to somewhere around Iyana-Ipaja. Never been there. I was from Ibadan. I had a friend on this side. I got to his place. The guy looks at me. He sizes me up and says come in. I didn’t feel anything about him.

“This is in the spirit of networking and meeting people. When I got there, the n***a starts to call out names and starts to talk that why do I think they didn’t select me for Ultimate Search. That is because I’ve not paid my dues. This n***a sells the whole ‘fruitish’ thing to me in a big way that I was ‘awed’.”


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