CSOs express concern about an alleged election sabotage plot

A coalition of civil society organizations under the auspices of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations, Alliance for Democratic Sustenance (ADS), has raised the alarm about what it describes as a subterranean plot by unnamed individuals to sabotage the conduct of the upcoming general elections.

On Tuesday, the group of 19 pro-democracy civil society organizations issued a statement in Abuja signed by its convener Mallam Yusuf Bulama.

According to the statement, the alarm became necessary following the discovery of carefully scripted schemes by these persons to subvert the electoral process in a bid to foist their preferred candidate on Nigerians.

The group appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to match words with action in ensuring that the armed forces and the police live up to their constitutional responsibilities by ensuring the smooth conduct of next month’s general elections.

Bulama said, “It has become imperative to address you today over a very fearful disturbing revelation we have stumbled upon which is capable of threatening our evolution to another democratic government and capable of shaking the very foundation of Nigeria and the African continent.

“We have impeccable information from highly placed and reliable sources of a clandestine meeting by some powerful and highly placed persons aimed at truncating the democratic transition to another democratically elected government in the country.

“Our findings indicate that the meeting exhaustively deliberated on the transition and general elections.

“It considered plans to infiltrate INEC and get willing tools who will assist them carry out their heinous plans. The plan, according to our sources, indicates that a certain top military personnel has been contacted by these elements in their quest to frustrate the transition.

“The nocturnal meeting deliberated on every possible means to frustrate the elections and cause confusion in the polity that will create room for their plans to hijack the system. The plan is to make sure elections do not hold or are not successful and cause a constitutional crisis.

“We call on the government of President Buhari to decisively investigate the secret meetings. The international community should be aware of enemies of the country working to destabilize the nation’s democracy.”


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