WHO recommends use of nose masks in public as COVID-19 resurfaces

The World Health Organization, WHO, has stated that nose masks continue to be a key tool against COVID-19 and continues to recommend the use of masks by the public in specific situations as part of a continuous process of reviewing COVID-19 response, treatment, and management.

Given the current global spread of COVID-19, the WHO recommends wearing masks regardless of the local epidemiological situation in a new update.

The WHO also updated its recommendations for wearing masks in public places, including treatments, patient care, and clinical management.

The global health body said that it is working with guideline development groups composed of independent, international experts who consider the latest available evidence and the changing epidemiology.

“Masks are recommended following a recent exposure to COVID-19, when someone has or suspects they have COVID-19, when someone is at high-risk of severe COVID-19, and for anyone in a crowded, enclosed, or poorly ventilated space,” the health agency stated.


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