Obi is in a party is worse than APC and PDP — Imumolen

The Accord Party’s Presidential Candidate for next month’s election, Prof. Christopher Imumolen, has described Peter Obi’s Labour Party as a worse political party than the PDP and APC combined.

Imumolen made the claim on Monday during a Twitter Spaces session hosted by Japheth Omojuwa.

According to Imumolen, the Labour Party is a more corrupt, rudderless, and problematic political party than the duo of APC and PDP–who have shared federal power for 24 years.

He said: “We don’t buy the ideologies of APC or PDP. Anyone who is in either of these parties can’t change the country because they are a part of the problem as it were.

“Peter Obi of the Labour Party is a fine man who has done well for himself. But he is in a party that has done even worse than APC and PDP. That is the problem.

“The Labour Party is even worse than the aforementioned two. That is why the party is having a series of issues. So, you have a fine man in a bad political party. Mention one party that is having issues of suspension…suspending their youth leader etc.

“Peter Obi is a man that is okay, but he’s in a political party that is not okay. The Labour Party as we speak now, is more corrupt and has more problems than APC and PDP.

“For the Labour Party, the last Anambra gubernatorial candidate in the last election, are you aware that the candidate was kidnapped on the eve of the election? Till today, he has not been seen.

“So you can see that the party has some elements of people that are not after elections, they are after something else. Obi should be very careful!!!. I am telling you. I was there, I had to leave. When it comes to monetisation, they are even worse.

“It’s a party that cannot deliver that change that Nigeria wants. And these are the people who want to form a government? We have to look at that because no one man can fix this nation.”


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