Osun: Revenue Collectors Barred from Quarry Sites

The Osun State government announced on Monday the immediate removal of all consultants and revenue collectors from all quarry sites across the state.

The chairman, Mr Samuel Oyedotun, who was inaugurated by Osun State governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke, issued the order in a statement signed by the committee’s secretary, Hashim Abioye.

He stated that the decision was necessary to stem the tide of revenue loss for the state, and he warned all illegal revenue collectors to avoid all quarry sites in the state.

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He explained that the committee has received information that some unauthorised agents have been collecting revenues on quarry sites supposedly for the state government, but which end up in private pockets.

“Consequently, as part of the mandate of the committee, all individual or corporate consultants and revenue collectors on the state quarry sites should henceforth desist from plying the quarry sites in the state as a new arrangement will soon be announced in that regard in conjunction with the Osun State Office of Solid Minerals,” he noted.


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