No going back on Yoruba Nation — Self-determination group replies Akeredolu

The new leader of the Yoruba Self-determination Group, Prof. Wale Adeniran, has responded to Ondo State Governor Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu’s recent remark that Yoruba nation agitators should perish their thought.

At the launch of the Emblem Appeal to kick off the 2023 Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebrations at the State Internal Revenue Service Hall in Akure, Akeredolu stated that Yoruba nation agitators should not sacrifice the tribe’s chance to produce the next president in the name of Yoruba nation.

“Those clamouring for Oodua nation will not succeed. People have not laid down their lives for this country for unscrupulous individuals to scuttle it. This country is very important to some of us,” Akeredolu had said.

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But in a statement yesterday, the new leader of the self-determination group, Ilana Omo Oodua, Prof. Adeniran, expressed anger that Akeredolu “went as far as inciting the police, whose welfare their governments have always neglected, against peaceful agitators, labelling the activities of Yoruba freedom fighters as treasonable.”

“It appears Akeredolu and his fellow Yoruba governors are beginning to get paranoid seeing the popularity of the agitation for Yoruba/Oduduwa nation among the Yoruba populace at home and abroad,” he said.


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