Obi celebrates Christmas in Benue IDP camps

The Labour Party’s (LP) presidential candidate, Peter Obi, celebrated Christmas with inmates of the Abegena Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Makurdi, Benue State, on Sunday.

The presidential candidate donated N3 million for the maintenance of the IDPs.

While speaking with the displaced, Obi urged the Federal Government to take immediate steps to make the ancestral homes of the displaced persons suitable for resettlement, adding that Nigerians have no business staying in IDP camps.

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He said: “I decided that today I will be in Kogi and Benue to celebrate with people in IDP camps. Nigerians should not be living in the camps in their country.

“So I am appealing to the Federal Government to do whatever it takes to ensure that Nigerians don’t live as refugees in their country.

“I assure you that the next government, as we progress, we will ensure that this does not continue. Today, we are here just to tell you to remain faithful, remain prayerful, put all your hope in God.

“What you are passing through is what Nigeria is passing through. What affects you affects everyone in Nigeria. We cannot say we are doing well when you are here.

“As long as you remain here, Nigeria is not doing well. It is when you leave and you are in your homes, farming, and doing what you are supposed to do to help Nigeria become productive that we will be proud to say we are Nigerians.

“As long as you remain in IDPs camp, Nigeria is in IDP camp. So I have come here to celebrate with you. I am pained that Nigerians are in camp. You are in camp and we are also in camp because if you were in your homes today, I would have been in my home but since you are here, we can’t continue to celebrate and that is why I said Nigeria is in camp. This is what we portray as a country.”



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