Soludo vows to end sit-at-home in Anambra

The governor of Anambra State, Chukwuma Soludo, vowed to end the state’s long-standing weekly sit-at-home trend on Wednesday.

The leader of the previous sit-at-home protest, Simon Ekpa, was referred to by Soludo as “a mad man in Finland” during his speech commemorating 2022 Public Servants Day.

Soludo claimed that only in Anambra was the order disobeyed, and he predicted that by the following year, the practice would be entirely abandoned.

He stated that Anambra could no longer afford to lose 20% of its public life to sit-at-home activities, which he claimed was already a way of life in the South-East.

“Eight LGAs were totally taken over at the time we came; they said they were unknown gunmen, no, they are known gunmen born of women and from communities.

“Last week, one madman living in Finland said he was declaring sit-at-home; it was only in Anambra that it was not observed. By the time you return next year, we shall stop sit-at-home.

“We must get back to work, working five days in a week, we must take back Anambra from the criminals, we can not build a prosperous Anambra when we work four days, when our children go to school four days, that is a 20 percent loss in productivity,” he said.





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