Fulani youths endorse Obi/Datti for presidency

Under the leadership of Endan Fulaku, Nigerian Fulani youths yesterday endorsed Mr. Peter Obi of the Labour Party as their candidate for president in the upcoming general elections.

The group’s national president, Dr. Ibrahim Abdullahi, confirmed Obi’s endorsement when he led members of the sociocultural organisation to a meeting with the Igbo Elders Consultative Forum in Abuja under the leadership of former Anambra governor Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife.

He added that the political alliance between the North and the East had previously saved the country on numerous occasions and that the coming together of the Igbo and Fulani ethnic nationalities was essential to maintaining the nation’s stability and unity.

He said: “It’s also on record that when the two regions found themselves at loggerheads with each other, it resulted into the unfortunate Nigeria Civil War, which not even our worst enemy could ever wish for us.

“The current president is our kinsman but we have come to realise from experience that you don’t need to have someone from your tribe or faith as president before your lives improve. What we need is somebody that is patriotic, honest, just, and fair. In Nigeria, Fulani are no longer after tribal or religious sentiments (in politics).

“On this note, I wish to call on the entire North to support Obi’s presidential aspiration not only because Obi is the best presidential material, but because it is key to the unity, stability, and prosperity of our nation.

“We are looking for a leader that is capable of taking Nigeria to the promised land. We have realised that these two tribes, Fulani and Igbo, coming together to work for the good of Nigeria will be the best. I wish to call on our members to work tirelessly to ensure that they reach out to the entire nooks and crannies of the nation to canvass for support of the candidate. We shall soon reach out to other ethnic nationalities, and geopolitical zones.

“You should also know that this is not the first time. The alliance between the two ethnic groups in the first and second republics brought prosperity to the country. Though we are still licking the wounds of the civil war, and of course, we have offended ourselves, we are doing this to bring about the much-needed healing.”



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