Twitter: Elon Musk Suspends Accounts of Journalists

The billionaire owner of social media platform Twitter, Elon Musk, on Thursday banned the accounts of well-known journalists from leading media organizations as part of the execution of his previously declared “doxxing” policies.

Ryan Mac from the New York Times, Drew Harwell from the Washington Post, Donie O’Sullivan from CNN, Matt Binder from Mashable, Micah Lee from The Intercept, and Steve Herman from Voice of America are among the journalists whose accounts have been suspended.

The accounts of independent journalists like Aaron Rupar, Tony Webster, and Keith Olbermann were also suspended.

UPDATE: Elon Musk yields to pressure, restores suspended accounts of journalists

The account of a social media company called Mastodon, known to be an alternative to Twitter, was also suspended on Thursday.

Whereas most of the suspended accounts belong to journalists whose beat is Twitter, the social media company did not clearly state what the suspensions had in common as each user’s Twitter page was suspended for allegedly violating “the Twitter rules.”

Despite that Musk has been speaking strongly on his mission to maintain free speech on Twitter, the suspension of the prominent journalists’ accounts came a day after Twitter suspended more than 25 accounts that tracked the planes of government agencies, billionaires and high-profile individuals, including that of Musk.


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