Federal Government Scraps COVID Tests at Airports

The Federal Government of Nigeria has said that travelers, regardless of vaccination status, are no longer required to undergo pre- or post-arrival COVID testing.

The director-general of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Capt. Musa Nuhu, made this announcement in a letter to airline operators dated December 12, 2022.

It partly reads: “COVID-19 Travel Testing: Pre-departure and Post-arrival COVID-19 PCR tests are no longer required for all passengers, irrespective of vaccination status. PCR tests required for all passengers who are partial/not fully vaccinated have been suspended.

“The wearing of face masks inside airport terminal buildings and on board aircraft by airport workers, passengers, and crew members is no longer mandatory. Wearing face masks by passengers on board aircraft or inside airport terminal buildings is discretionary but recommended.

“Persons aged 60 years and above, immunocompromised (e.g., due to organ transplant, cancer, etc.), those with co-morbidities (e.g., heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc.), are advised to use face masks, wash their hands with water and soap, use hand alcohol-based sanitisers, and avoid large gatherings.

“Disinfection of bags at the entrance of terminal buildings is no longer required. Airlines are therefore required to resume serving catering (meals and drinks) on board aircraft. Maintaining social distance at airport terminal buildings is no longer mandatory.

“It is recommended that facilities and conveyances maintain good environmental hygiene and ventilation, as well as encourage good hand and respiratory hygiene.” The use of alcohol-based sanitiser by passengers and airport workers is recommended. Boarding and disembarkation protocols are to be maintained.

“All other COVID-19 quarantine/travel requirements are hereby made optional. This AOL supersedes previous AOLs issued on COVID-19 for domestic and international operations.”



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