Energy management firm promotes the use of augmented reality technology to transform businesses

An energy management and automation company, Schneider Electric, has promoted the use of augmented reality technology to reshape Nigerian corporate and consumer markets and strengthen the economy of the country.

Augmented reality is the usage of information in the form of audio, pictures, and texts that are combined with physical things in real-time.

The territory technology lead at Schneider Electric, Belema Koleoso, said in Lafia on Friday that if Nigerians fully adopted the company’s augmented reality technology, EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, it would improve efficiency, maximize human resources, and close generational skill gaps that are currently present.

Belema said, “Although much progress has been made since 2019 when Schneider Electric’s AR technology was launched, we want more people and companies to use it to their advantage. The software combines contextual and local dynamic information for mobile users, enabling them to experience a fusion of the physical, real-life environment with virtual objects.

“It becomes a mobile work buddy for employees commencing the learning curve and in all, reduces operational cost while increasing plant operational efficiency. The AR presents completely new ways of executing tasks, with instant diagnosis, contactless maintenance, increased efficiency, and lower cost.

“Industries including construction, aviation, consumer packaged goods producers, energy and chemical, mining and minerals, etc., can use the EOA to enhance their operations.”

According to Belema, Nigerians should view AR as an investment that improves optimal production. She also said that, as technology advances and becomes more generally accessible, it is certain that AR will become crucial for companies to succeed in the coming years.

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