Indonesia’s parliament approves a one-year sentence for extramarital sex.

A new rule that forbids extramarital sex in Indonesia has been approved by the country’s parliament.

The new rule, which goes into force in three years, stipulates that having sex outside of marriage would result in a maximum one-year prison sentence.

The laws were criticized as a “disaster” for human rights and a possible setback for tourism and investment.

Many groups of largely young individuals have demonstrated against the legislation outside the Jakarta parliament.

Ajeng, a 28-year-old Muslim woman who lives in Depok, West Java, told the BBC that she was now in danger because she had been cohabitating with her partner for the previous five years.

“With the new law, both of us can go to jail if one of the family decides to make a police report.

“What if there’s one family member who has a problem with me and decides to send me to jail?

“I think living together or having sex outside of marriage is not a crime. In my religion, it’s considered a sin. But I don’t think the criminal code should be based on a certain religion,” she said.

Both natives and foreigners living in Indonesia or traveling to tourist destinations like Bali must abide by the regulations.

According to the law, unmarried couples who are caught having sex may face up to a year in jail. It is also forbidden for them to cohabitate; violators could face up to six months in jail. Also, adultery is a crime that carries a potential prison sentence.

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