Don’t Follow Any Celebrity, No Such Thing As A Celebrity Influencer – Kanye west

Kanye West has opined that there are no celebrity influencers as they are all ‘controlled by the people who control the world.’

The G.O.O.D. Music founder, raper and fashion designer was stopped by The Hollywood Fix as he was leaving a church and addressed a myriad of topics. Wearing a “YE 24” jacket to promote his 2024 run for president, West immediately brought up the antisemitic controversy before pivoting to a nearly five-minute diatribe about Jesus.

He also called out Elon Musk, who is not christian for refusing to unban conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, who is Christian on Twitter.

He also also revealed that his School Donda Academy is being moved into a church.

He then claimed none of his celebrity friends said anything as they watched Adidas, Gap, JP Morgan and other businesses cut ties with him, “proof” they are controlled.

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