Equatorial Guinea Ruler Obiang Re-Elected For Sixth Term

Brand new homes intended for Equatorial Guinea’s lower-income families have cropped up across the capital Malabo, but shanty town residents say they are going to the middle class and wealthy instead.

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo on Saturday won a sixth term in office, a much-expected result in an authoritarian country with next to no political opposition.

The 80-year-old has been in power for 43 years — the longest rule of any leader alive in the world today except monarchs.

During his election campaign in 2009, Obiang promised “social housing for all” in the oil-rich central African state.

Obiang planned to provide enough housing to raise Malabo’s shanty towns, including Nubili, a mass of tin-roofed shacks along narrow paths that is home to thousands of families in the heart of the city.

Since, some 20,000 housing projects have sprung up in the country of around 1.5 million residents.

But sitting outside his shack in Nubili, 70-year-old Julio Ondo said none of them appeared to be for people like him.

“They’ve made fools of the poor,” he said. I’ve lost all hope of one day living in “dignified housing”.

Most people live in poverty in Equatorial Guinea, the World Bank estimates, while wealth is concentrated in the hands of just a few families.

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