Same Faith Ticket: Catholic Bishop Warns Christians Against Voting For APC

The Bishop of Kaduna Catholic Archdiocese, Most Reverend Mathew Ndagoso has urged Christians not to vote for any political party that fields same-faith ticket for the 2023 elections.

Rev Ndagoso said that such tickets do not promote equity, fairness and unity especially in a diverse country like Nigeria.

Speaking at an event in Kaduna on Monday, Bishop Ndagoso insisted that religion is an important factor to be considered for in the nation’s socio-political charter, which any political party or presidential candidate must take into consideration when making their choices for elections.

The bishop was of the opinion that the nation’s religious, social and cultural diversities are a blessing that can and should be harnessed by those in leadership positions.

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He further admonished Christians not to waste their votes and to avoid voting any political party that fields same faith ticket into power, adding that any party that is insensitive to the feelings of Christians must be ready to live with the consequences of their action.

The Catholic cleric also talked about the rising security challenges bedeviling the country, which he notes poses a major threat to the 2023 general election if not nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

He, however, called on security agencies and president Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that no part of the country is under the strong hold of bandits and terrorists, noting that there is no way the will exercise their franchise in the midst of insecurity.



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